Hawker War Memorial

Remembrance Day – 11th November

His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Can Le AC officially
​opened the Hawker war Memorial on Tuesday 27th June 2017.

Background Information on Hawker War Memorial
The Hawker Memorial Swimming Pool was originally on this site. 
A new pool was built at the Sports Complex and the townspeople were consulted
and unanimously agreed to dedicate this site as The Hawker War Memorial.

The Hawker Community Development Board and the Flinders Ranges Council formed an alliance
and today the War Memorial takes pride of place. 

Ian Carpenter and Steve Taylor worked tirelessly to build, construct
and beautify the area, including the manufacturing of the large cross.

The local school children designed and planted out the garden area, local residents donated succulents from their gardens
and some local businesses willingly donated their machinery and operators for earthworks.

The Work for the Dole group assisted Ian and Steve to construct garden beds
and paths and assist with the ongoing maintenance.

The gun carriage (a prop from the film The Lighthorsemen) was relocated to the site as was the memorial stone
and the singular flagpole, which has been illuminated and flies the flag 24/7.

The replica honour boards and the other information signage serve as a constant reminder
of the local people that fought for their country in all conflicts.

The people of Hawker acknowledge the efforts of the FRC and the HCDB who made this area possible.
​This area shows what a community can achieve.


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