Art & Craft

The landscape of the Flinders Ranges attracts many artists. Some are residents and you may happen to see some work in progress.

Local galleries sell original artworks and prints as well as various craft items.

The annual Hawker Craft Mart and Quilters Exhibition is held in the Hawker Institute and runs over the last week of September and the first week in October.

Old Ghan Gallery

The gallery specialises in Flinders Ranges art and artists and extends from the walls of the restaurant to the original ticket office.

Mary Clock-Clarke Gallery

You are invited to visit the gallery at the Worumba Homestead if you are staying at the Quarters, going on the 4WD track or are travelling in the area and enjoy visiting and looking at Art Galleries.

Jeff Morgan Gallery

Original artworks, prints, posters, postcards, cards, ​stubby holders, magnets and art supplies are also available.


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