Bush Pilots

All flights depart Hawker Airstrip 5km east of the Hawker township, on the Wilpena Pound road.

The Bush Pilots Australia Pty Ltd Office

“The Old Post Office” 1st building
on the right at you enter town!
Hawker Office: 60 Elder Terrace, Hawker 
​Call 08 8648 4444


Departing Hawker for scenic Flinders Ranges flights and outback destinations. Lake Eyre, Birdsville and beyond.

From Wilpena Pound the majestic ramparts of the Flinders Ranges stretch away as far as the eye can see.This aerial perspective only enhances the experience you have when you visit this timeless mountain range.

Wet or dry, Lake Eyre is a sight to behold. Surrounded in history and mystique, lake Eyre is the lowest point on the Australian continent. It’s the destination for a water drainage basin larger than all of Europe, yet is dry for most of the time.


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